Thing To Know Before Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. You’ve been planning your big day since childhood and hope that everything runs smoothly, just the way you like it. Being a bride is no easy task. Just like the planning and preparation of the wedding was stressful, being a bride and spending an entire day as centre of attention is going to stress you out even more. So here are some tips on being prepared to face challenge that comes your way.Do a trialIt is a must that you do a trial of your hair and makeup along with your wedding dress. It will be horrible if your hair salon in Sydney is confused on the appropriate hairstyle that matches your face and keeps showing you pictures to choose from.

It is your responsibility to give her all the details of the theme, colours and vibe you are going for. For example, a simple hairdo will be appropriate for a farm wedding, some flowing curls for a beach wedding and a grand up-do for a formal ceremony. Pick a date prior to the big day and do a trial run of hair and makeup. Take pictures to compare different styles. Also, wear your dress and shoes and walk around to see if you feel comfortable.Give yourself enough timeYou will be behind schedule no matter how early you start dressing on your wedding day.

It is always better to be early than late, as it may give you some extra time with the photographer. If your best bridal hair stylist in Sydney thinks it’ll take 3 hours, plan for 4 or 5. Also encourage him or her to finish you first, and not keep you till last. Most stylists finish all bridesmaids and come to the bride so that her makeup will be fresh. However, if you do run late, your makeup will be half done and that’s the last thing you need to be happening. You might also be able to estimate a time once you do your hair and makeup trial.Have some baby wipes at handBaby wipes will come to the rescue undoubtedly during the day. You might get a lipstick stain on your dress, you might spill sauce on yourself, the floor could be muddy making your entire hem dirty; at all these situations, baby wipes will be your best friend. Stains may come off easily on materials such as satin but not on others so ensure you can use baby wipes on your dress material.